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Adorable lay on her old family bed with millions of unanswered questions bubbling in her subconscious mind, today was the fourth day she finally decided to answer to the cry of her people and her third day in the town she was raised. Viewing the city from the last day she left it, nothing has really changed except for some new industrial buildings; she recognized some faces and noted a lot of new faces. Her family house stood the same, nothing has changed if not for dust and dirt, signifying that it been quite a long time someone cared for the house. Since her arrival, she has visited the house of the four victims of the brutal murder, she had visions in the house of each victim, in her visions she saw Emelia her sister, how she was sexually involved with each victim and the scene of the sex was not what one can tag ‘Lovemaking’, it was animistic, each vision caused her to grimace in disgust for her sister but what she couldn't fathom was the reason why her sister turned into such a disgusting sex maniac. “Why are these men dead? Did Emelia kill them after having sex with them? Emelia when did you turn into a killer?” Adorable kept tormenting herself with questions that hold no answer at the moment.

Her boss, who was also telepathic and a profiler has produced the profile of the murderer. From the file, the murderer was a cop and also a male but from her visions so far, the finger has been pointing to her sister, “If Emelia is not the killer then who is? Perhaps for the very first time you are wrong boss. If Emelia is the killer, would I have the heart to hand my own sister to the law?” Adorable continued pondering with tears rolling down her cheeks, “God, I beg you, let my boss be right again.”

From the interview she had with the town sheriff, Emelia was nowhere to be found. The sheriff has confessed to her that he was also sexually involved with Emelia and if Emelia is actually the killer, then he might be the next victim. Adorable had asked him who else knew about his confession; he answered that only Adorable and one of his most trusted allies in the police force Justin David.

With questions hanging on the air, Adorable drifted to sleep, she dreamt about a boy wearing a mask, he was calling her, ordered her to go to her cabinet and cuddle Mirabel his childhood toy, without questioning, she walked to his cabinet, opened it and brought out Mirabel, the boy was singing lullaby for her. When Adorable woke up, she saw Mirabel lying beside her, she jerked up with fear, it wasn’t a dream, someone was really here and he wore a mask, the person has powers over her, he can control her in her sleep, and fear mixed with cold washed over her “Somebody is stalking me! Perhaps the killer also has physic powers”.

Immediately she got dressed, as she was coming out, she saw Justin David and the sheriff coming to her house, when they came in, she narrated her dream to them, the sheriff suggested that the house was no longer safe for her. Justin David asked her to come and stay with him, with joy she leaped at the invitation, they promised to pick her up later in the day, when they returned to pick her, she told them that she had called her boyfriend, who also have powers and works with her in the police force and he was on his way, so they left without her.

At night, Adorable lay on her boyfriend’s broad chest, feeling secured in his arms, she watched him as he slept till she fell into oblivion. In her sleep she heard a voice ordering her to come to Justin David’s house immediately. She obeyed and was walking to Justin’s house like a zombie; she heard another voice, this one feminine. The person called at her but she couldn’t answer, she kept on walking, the person walked up to her and gave her two heavy slaps, she flinched with pain and woke up from her zombie mood, standing before her was Emelia, “Jeez! Must you slap me that hard? Where am I and where on earth have you been?” Adorable asked, “It doesn’t matter where I have been, listen I don’t have all the whole time. Justin David is the killer, he has powers like you and he’s also our half-brother. Our father impregnated his mother before marrying our mother, please don’t ask me how I knew about this or why I was involved in such a rascal life with those men, it’s my life and I lived it to my satisfaction, you are on your way to Justin David’s house, he is holding the sheriff hostage, he is going to make you watch as he butcher the sheriff and perhaps also kill you. “For goodness sake where is your gun and where do you think you are going without Henry your watchdog boyfriend? Stupid girl, now go back and call him and please be fast, I have other business to attend to” said Emelia and with that, she left her sister standing in awe.

Adorable concentrated and reached her boyfriend in a telepathic trance, “Come to my rescue Sweetheart, come with a gun, follow my voice and please try not to break the connection, be fast”, she whispered to him in the air and went into Justin’s house. Pretending to be in a zombie mood, she saw the sheriff tied to the ceiling fan with a rope around his neck, a chair supporting his legs. Justin was watching him with a gun in his hands, “Adorable, I don’t have time to explain my actions but I watched this man brutally destroy the chastity of our sister Emelia, when I confronted Emelia, she spat on my face and asked me to mind my business, I took it upon myself to protect my family’s name. I started killing them one by one; I started by killing Emelia and her first animal. This sheriff is the last of them, I am going to hang him and shoot you for declining to come with me, I’m sorry little sister, remember me with fondness in the underworld”, he pushed the chair supporting the sheriff, Adorable leaped at him, he underestimated her strength, lost balance and went flying into a table, immediately the door was kicked open and Henry held him at gun point, handcuffed and dragged him out.

In the morning, Adorable sat at the balcony of her house with Henry and the sheriff, the realization that Emelia was dead and it was her ghost that appeared to her still made her cry, the sheriff thanked them for their help, left them to sort out their feelings; “Please stop crying, at least be happy that she still came back to help you, it’s all over now and I’m happy to have you back, Adorable will you marry me?” said Henry, she looked up at him in her tear filled eyes, smiled and hugged him, a smile that holds unspoken promises of a better life ahead.


Chima Precious (Sacred Tess)

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