Sunday, 1 April 2012


Part 1. (Episode 1)


Efuebo kept having this nightmare of a boy been chased in the market square by two fiercely looking masquerades. The face of the young lad is such she has never seen before, and the identity of the two strange masquerades puzzles her mind. Efuebo had try to find understanding to what her frequent nightmares might mean, but all her effort proves futile. She woke up early one morning with agony of the same dream, and this time; she decided to seek answers from Ejinmba; the priest.
Its been a long time now since the two respected tribes of Mapullu Kingdom had been in brutal loggerhead over who is the rightful owner of Jatullu river. Known for it clean nature and efficient supply of great fishes of various kinds, Jatullu river has been an helpful sustainance and business resource to Odantullu and Bantullu tribes of Mapullu Kingdom. Although the two great tribes is been divided by the river, but Odantullu has been known to worship the river from time memorial, their ancestors even erected a shrine to it honour, yearly festival is usually done to worship and make prayer for a successful year; yet the Bantullus argue that their ancestors were the first to discover the river, and from history, the river has been a treasure passed on from their great leaders to their successors, and the people believe that the river is a blessing from the gods to their land.