Saturday, 2 February 2013


Men, they will never stop amazing me with their disbelief. My name is Orunmila and if you should ask a Yoruba man who I am, he would ask you to ask the next Ifa priest you see. So that faithful afternoon the sun that glared across the dense forest that I peeped at was a real bother. Falade was there, at the lighter entrance of the forest. He was pointing to the dense undergrowth, just beneath a tall dongoyaro tree; “the lion shall appear from there,” he told them. They looked at where he pointed, it was barely lit, and the undergrowth only gets a fraction of the initial sunlight from above. Then beyond the thick denseness were further darkness, it wasn’t that dark further inward as the undergrowth fades, but see, nobody dared explored as falade mention of a lion scared everybody.
Falade was indeed a demi-god as we made him one, the skeptical minds of humans believe only a man born of a god can be a demi-god, but see; we can bestow a common man the power of a demi-god and he becomes one. I remember that meeting that we held at the god’s chamber at the beautiful rainbow cloud, I remember me and orunmila merging our powers to create a light, but it was not just a light but a visionary light. So we looked through our telescope and saw falade, he was sleeping in his room and we saw nothing short of his heart of good. We imagined that if he wields that power he would do nothing but help a whole lot of people out of their earthly mysteries. So that night, as he slept calmly in his room, we let the visionary light descend upon him, it impacted him, merged with his soul and behold; a new demi-god was born. He himself didn’t know except from then on, he had dreams that come true. So everyone saw him as some kind of shrink, and visions as you know are not always positive and when he had those negative visions and he let them be known.