Saturday, 2 June 2012



Adorable lay on her old family bed with millions of unanswered questions bubbling in her subconscious mind, today was the fourth day she finally decided to answer to the cry of her people and her third day in the town she was raised. Viewing the city from the last day she left it, nothing has really changed except for some new industrial buildings; she recognized some faces and noted a lot of new faces. Her family house stood the same, nothing has changed if not for dust and dirt, signifying that it been quite a long time someone cared for the house. Since her arrival, she has visited the house of the four victims of the brutal murder, she had visions in the house of each victim, in her visions she saw Emelia her sister, how she was sexually involved with each victim and the scene of the sex was not what one can tag ‘Lovemaking’, it was animistic, each vision caused her to grimace in disgust for her sister but what she couldn't fathom was the reason why her sister turned into such a disgusting sex maniac. “Why are these men dead? Did Emelia kill them after having sex with them? Emelia when did you turn into a killer?” Adorable kept tormenting herself with questions that hold no answer at the moment.

Her boss, who was also telepathic and a profiler has produced the profile of the murderer. From the file, the murderer was a cop and also a male but from her visions so far, the finger has been pointing to her sister, “If Emelia is not the killer then who is? Perhaps for the very first time you are wrong boss. If Emelia is the killer, would I have the heart to hand my own sister to the law?” Adorable continued pondering with tears rolling down her cheeks, “God, I beg you, let my boss be right again.”