Monday, 28 January 2013

Telescopes above the clouds series (Sango's empathy.)

My name is sango, the yoruba god of thunderbolt and lightening. As an immortal god, I live on a cumulus expanse high above the atmosphere. As a duty of mine, I make sure I constantly look down on my mortals, through my divine telescope and make sure I oversee their affairs as such. Today was no exception, i ensured a majestic poise on my dainty throne as i peeped through my divine telescope. The enticing landscape of the yoruba land gives me such tingly pride, I'm so happy to god this people and i so much anticipate the next sango festival. So far today, it has been a wonderful view through my telescope as all my servants are seemingly having a swell time on earth, as i was about leaving my post to visit the gods lobby above the rainbow cloud. I noticed this:
On a marble stone in an abandoned quarry site sat a girl crying. She had just been abandoned in the dusty rugged terrain, to fend for her way out. In reality she was left for dead. I saw the crazy men, heading for their cruisers about six of them, with three entering a cruiser each. I watched the men with scorn as they left, however their is little I can do to them, I'm meant to let men, operate their affairs until the threshold that seeks our intervention, mine in this case, as the girl involved father is a faithful servant.
She soon found her feet and scrambled through the rugged terrain of the quarry site. As she struggled a scuffle through, she wondered what crazy fate bounded him to dare, he was someone she so much loved, now he was the one, whose gang robbed her of her father's money and left her for dead. she remembered hearing him say,
"I can't watch you guys kill her, she means so much to me, though not more than this money. He faced her right then and said,
I'm sorry baby, but this is not my fault but your stingy father's."
"Dare please don't do this to me, I don't care about the money,i care only about you. she pleaded tearfully.