Sunday, 25 November 2012



Dear diary, 
What do I have to lose? If I have done this, much and I’ve agreed I cannot go further, who is anyone to judge? Fathers they say are close to their daughters... why must mine be different? 

Whoever saw Walter as his friends called him will see an impeccable man. Clean cut, always prim and proper. With well-manicured nails, cars to his name along with a beautiful wife and two children. However, I, can speak from experience, he has a dark heart. Each night I think of the letters my mum left behind for me, I shed tears because she never told me. I also did not ask. Whenever the subject of a father came to the fore, tears welled up in her eyes. 

My past is blurry yet remains significant. I know I have fought tooth and nail wit mum to stay alive. The coffee smelling room in the boarding house we shared with over twenty other women remains fresh in my mind. 
Each morning, we clambered upstairs to a breakfast of bean cake and pap. Needless to say, we were almost begging. 
Among my mother’s cherished belongings was a photo of my father. Yes the prim and proper Walter. 
She did not have to tell me. It was all there. In those days pictures did not lie. The same eyes, my very own lips. I could have been looking at the male version of me. Damn him! Why did he have to go away? 

Tears drop from my eyes in remembrance of the pain he put us through. Going through my mum’s box of treasures now mine, the only tangible thing she left behind, I pick up the letters one by one. 

There they were, in her little writing; 

Daniella, my very own Dani, 
I wish I could have stayed to watch you grow up and finally get married. To listen and watch the pitter-patter of my grandchildren playing across the room. Dani dearest, I have always looked forward to the day you will become a woman of your own. I must confess to you, my happiest moment was the moment you were given to me for the first time. Your little fingers grabbing mine and dancing fireflies of love reflecting in your eyes. I know you have a thousand questions and I know the very first one. You deserve to know before I die. 
The man in the picture, which I am sure you will have access to when I am gone, is your father. 

His name is Walter....... Walter Essien.......

- Egume (Melting Heart)

Saturday, 2 June 2012



Adorable lay on her old family bed with millions of unanswered questions bubbling in her subconscious mind, today was the fourth day she finally decided to answer to the cry of her people and her third day in the town she was raised. Viewing the city from the last day she left it, nothing has really changed except for some new industrial buildings; she recognized some faces and noted a lot of new faces. Her family house stood the same, nothing has changed if not for dust and dirt, signifying that it been quite a long time someone cared for the house. Since her arrival, she has visited the house of the four victims of the brutal murder, she had visions in the house of each victim, in her visions she saw Emelia her sister, how she was sexually involved with each victim and the scene of the sex was not what one can tag ‘Lovemaking’, it was animistic, each vision caused her to grimace in disgust for her sister but what she couldn't fathom was the reason why her sister turned into such a disgusting sex maniac. “Why are these men dead? Did Emelia kill them after having sex with them? Emelia when did you turn into a killer?” Adorable kept tormenting herself with questions that hold no answer at the moment.

Her boss, who was also telepathic and a profiler has produced the profile of the murderer. From the file, the murderer was a cop and also a male but from her visions so far, the finger has been pointing to her sister, “If Emelia is not the killer then who is? Perhaps for the very first time you are wrong boss. If Emelia is the killer, would I have the heart to hand my own sister to the law?” Adorable continued pondering with tears rolling down her cheeks, “God, I beg you, let my boss be right again.”

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Adorable sat with her hands supporting her cheekbone as if she fears that it might crack and fall off on parches. Eyes staring into the television yet oblivion of what it displays, she have to take the hardest decision of her life, the decision that can either make or break her. Looking at her small self content apartment, comprising of kitchen with modern decoration, her electronics to act as her companion, her over-size bed, walls decorated with pictures of her childhood and family members. She felt a pang of satisfaction at her achievement, to some people it might be much of an achievement but to Adorable, her home is her heaven on earth.

The decision she is about to take is going to take her out of her heaven, only God knows when she will return or perhaps she might never return again. “How did I get to this point,” she wondered", looking back to her formal life, everything came playing vividly on her mind’s screen.


Something woke me up. What it was, I don't know. The ambiance in the room had an eerie feeling, the world just felt empty. I took a leap, an advance towards the window and I peeked through it. At 10.15am, night
still seemed to romance the day.  Adebisi walked to and fro the yard swinging her backside seductively to the wind's rhythm. ‘Foolish woman’, i spat. All she ever does is make men lust after her. Damned daughter of Eve. An arrogant, lazy and nagging thing I married. What
ever drew me to her in the first place? Childless bastard.
I walked back to the bed, picked up my phone and rang mother, ‘how could she have forgotten a day like this?’ We would forfeit the day's appointment if we kept the doctor waiting. What's more, only she knows the place.