Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Adorable sat with her hands supporting her cheekbone as if she fears that it might crack and fall off on parches. Eyes staring into the television yet oblivion of what it displays, she have to take the hardest decision of her life, the decision that can either make or break her. Looking at her small self content apartment, comprising of kitchen with modern decoration, her electronics to act as her companion, her over-size bed, walls decorated with pictures of her childhood and family members. She felt a pang of satisfaction at her achievement, to some people it might be much of an achievement but to Adorable, her home is her heaven on earth.

The decision she is about to take is going to take her out of her heaven, only God knows when she will return or perhaps she might never return again. “How did I get to this point,” she wondered", looking back to her formal life, everything came playing vividly on her mind’s screen.

Adorable, was a sweet girl born into a family of four, comprising of her later parents, her elder sister and herself. She was born with a cursed blessing which made people discriminate her.

Adorable as she was called is a sharp contrast to what she really feels, despised by many including her own father. Adorable was nicknamed “The witch” because of her abilities, she can x-ray your life and dig out your safest secret at a touch of her hands on any part of your body. she has both the power to see through people’s eyes and she is telepathic in nature.
Adorable’s growing up was tough, as much as she tried not to see through people, the more the dreams came flooding her senses, at a time she grow weary of touching people, she can talk with you and try as much as possible not to touch you but if there’s an eye contact, like a flash of lightening your world will be displayed in her mind’s screen and to worsen the case, the dreams will continue tormenting and hurting her until she openly speaks about what she saw in you, then she will be free else she will be prisoner of her dreams.
Many at times, her abilities puts her in trouble, she was dropped from school because she kept seeing the secrets of her teachers.

One day, Adorable was in the class solving algebra questions with her class-mates, there was a burst of noise and shouting in the school compound, all the students rushed outside, standing at their compound were two armed policemen, Sandra one of her classmate and her father, Sandra came back home and narrated a story about her brutal rape by their principal’s son to her parents, right in their very eyes, the boy denied the accusation, the case continued until when Sandra’s parents discovered that they cannot win the battle because there is no evidence to prove it, so they shamefully withdrew the case and Sandra was enrolled in another school. Three months after the case has been shut down, Adorable was reading her book in the classroom alone, when Edward the principal’s son walked into the classroom, he inquired from Adorable the title of the novel she was reading, she answered him without taking her eyes off her book, he requested for her to pass him the book, she tried to pass the book to him, their knuckles touch and like a flash, all the boy’s secrets came displaying in Adorable’s mind, starting from his first rape to the day he raped Sandra and even a list of other girls he planned to rape. Adorable stood starring at him, mouth opened, eyes bulging from her sockets, he disconnected the connection when he asked her “Adorable, are you alright?” she jerked her head, with a rush snatched her book away from him and ran as fast as her legs can carry her. She made up her mind not to speak about it, but the dreams of the boy’s secret never left her, many nights she just lie down without sleeping, the burden became too heavy for her to carry, she called her elder sister told her about the dreams, her sister went and exposed the boy by telling Sandra’s parents, the flame of the case was rekindled again, finally Edward was put behind bars which marked the beginning of Adorable’s endless sufferings, insults and abuse from the city she was raised, out of frustration she was withdrawn from school, her father was sacked from work because Edward’s uncles owns the company he works, he despised his daughter for speaking the truth and thereby causing him his job. Adorable lived like a prisoner, surrounded by many people yet none was her friend, she became a loner and struggled with life, parents advised their children never to have anything to do with the cursed witch.

One day, Adorable was playing chess game with her father, their hands touched, her father secrets came displaying, she found out that her father has been stealing from her mother’s purse; he gives the money to a married neighbor who lives next door in other to lie in between her thighs. Many weeks she suffered and cried because of the knowledge, the dreams came tormenting her but she dare not talk, she was scared of what might be the outcome of her revelation, fear became her best companion, she avoided her father like a plague. Her mother’s effort to know what is eating her up was to no avail, she reported her to her father, they summoned her and began killing her with questions, they pushed her so hard that she was left with no option than to say the truth, the revelation tor her mother apart, she cried and throw herself on her husband in attempt to protect himself, he pushed her, she slipped and hit her head hard on the table, resulting to her instant death, the girls screamed, their father threatened to kill them both if they ever reveal his deeds to anybody, but guilty conscience couldn’t allow the man leave, he was found dead in his room the next day, he was drank a poison. Adorable has never felt so lonely in her life, the police kept attacking her with questions, everybody blamed her for the death of her parents, she was cursed and beaten everywhere she went, in bid to stay alive, she has packed her belongings and ran away with tears larger than her in the heart of the night. She has escaped, find by another fellow who had powers, he has helped her and introduced her to a unit, where they were taught how to control their abilities and use it to capture criminals. They work for the government; they have given her life back to her and a home she cherish.

Adorable sighed as the memory kept coming, she has received a call from home summoning her presence, begging her to come back, a killer is on the loose in their land, life of many citizens are in danger including her own sister. The same people who had rejected her and cast her out now wants her for what purpose? To help them use the same cursed blessing to stop the killer. “What if I get killed in the process?” “What if my sister is plotting to avenge our parents?” “Do her people really worth the attention they seek from her?” “They once turned their back on me, what if I do the same?” Adorable kept on wondering. This is the hardest decision of her life going back to the same people that rejected her. Did Adorable later answer to the call of help from her people?

                    Talesmen (Precious Chioma)

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