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Part 1. (Episode 1)


Efuebo kept having this nightmare of a boy been chased in the market square by two fiercely looking masquerades. The face of the young lad is such she has never seen before, and the identity of the two strange masquerades puzzles her mind. Efuebo had try to find understanding to what her frequent nightmares might mean, but all her effort proves futile. She woke up early one morning with agony of the same dream, and this time; she decided to seek answers from Ejinmba; the priest.
Its been a long time now since the two respected tribes of Mapullu Kingdom had been in brutal loggerhead over who is the rightful owner of Jatullu river. Known for it clean nature and efficient supply of great fishes of various kinds, Jatullu river has been an helpful sustainance and business resource to Odantullu and Bantullu tribes of Mapullu Kingdom. Although the two great tribes is been divided by the river, but Odantullu has been known to worship the river from time memorial, their ancestors even erected a shrine to it honour, yearly festival is usually done to worship and make prayer for a successful year; yet the Bantullus argue that their ancestors were the first to discover the river, and from history, the river has been a treasure passed on from their great leaders to their successors, and the people believe that the river is a blessing from the gods to their land.

Peaceful dialogue has been tried to settle the grudge and appeace the quarrel, but proves abortive.
Okonta, the leader of Bantullu has forbid any kind of relationship with the people of Odantullu, instructions has been given for immediate execution of any Odantullu person seen anywhere near the river. The issue became so ridiculous, and many homes lose the taste of peace and order.
Kwambe, the head of Odantullu has given the order that all marriages and business relationship between men and women of Bantullu and Odantullu should be terminated, children raised by parents from each of the tribes should be divided equally, and all citizens of Odantullu must return home for safety purpose.
The other three leaders of Mapullu Kingdom met with Mapukwu the King, and decided to place curfew in both land, and commanded central guards from Mapullu to parade the two tribes at interval for security reasons. On this regard, a great wooden bridge was constructed across the river linking the two troubled lands, while the central guards mount stronge guide at both ends.
Efuebo on her way to Itakwullu to meet with the Priest stumble across warriors from Bantullu. The warriors knowing that she recide in Bantullu but was a native of Odantullu from the mark on her face chase after her. Efuebo's father was one of the great warrior of Odantullu who deserted his family, and left Bantullu to join force with other men at Odantullu. Efuebo refused to leave for Odantullu with her father, but decided to stay behind with her mother who was a native of Bantullu not minding the danger she may be involved in. Capturing Efuebo would be the best way to get her father; who was one of the great warrior of their rival, and that was the more reason why they needed her alive.
Some distance into the province of Itakwullu, the son of the leader of that tribe was hunting for games, hearing the call for help from nearby, decided to intervene. The rescue of Efuebo from the death claws of Bantullu's men, led to serious thurstle among the men of Bantullu and that of the escort of Itakwullu leader's son, and at the end, Tugom; the son of the leader of Itakwullu was the last man standing with blood all over him staring at Efuebo; and thereafter, he collapsed into her arms... (to be continue)
 - Moses S. Olarotimi

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